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Many organisations, small and large, have gone through digital transformation or are still going through it. The success of the digital transformation process is not only linked to technology, but also to the way people have embraced the change. It is the behaviours and the mindsets of leaders and employees that make the difference between those organisations where digitalisation has struggled and those where it has become a key lever for success.

We are keen to analyse the cultural lessons learned from digitalisation and identify the behaviours and mindsets for a successful move towards Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our hypothesis is that the successful adoption of AI in organisations is strongly underpinned by organisational culture, as was the case for digitalisation.

We are now launching a 10-minute survey to identify the cultural attributes required for successful digital transformation and AI implementation.

The paper will be published in Q1 2020.

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To download our 'Future impact of AI on culture' White Paper click here.